SIMON'S AGONY is a short film about vocation. A meditation on the first Beatitude and inspired in varying degrees by personal experience, Jungian archetypes, and cinematic mysticism, the film's trajectory follows Simon, a middle-aged sickly sculptor, who begins a commission to create a massive sculpture (to be cast in bronze) without the commission having yet been funded. Simon has neither the strength, nor the physical space, nor the resources to take on the project, but he is driven forward by an inexplicable desire to complete the piece. 

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Note from the Writer/Director:

"As a filmmaker I am determined to create a memorable cinematic experience that can detoxify the current barrage of bottom-line studio films and fake indies that manipulate us to feel rather than embolden us to experience the paradoxes of our existence. I am just not so much into escapism, I want to look at life and all of its mysteries and walk directly toward my fears. If this sounds absurd, its far less absurd than what happens in a redundant Hollywood film." - Deniz Demirer