Seeking Patrons of Art, Large and Small

Simon’s Agony is a short film, told in the tradition of a parable. Simon, a middle-aged, sickly sculptor begins a commission to create a massive sculpture that he does not have the energy, space, or resources to complete. What drives him to begin the project? Is it pathological self-affirmation? Ambition? A metaphysical mystery? A call from God? The film delves into these questions: what compels us to take on projects that seem to be more burdensome than liberating at the outset? Does a more profound freedom manifest once the work has been completed?

Is ultimate freedom what great artists seek?

The Simon’s Agony production team began principal photography on March 22, 2018, and the shooting thus far has been a soaring success. The performances are strong, the cinematography epic, the production design haunting, and the story engaging. 

We need to raise $25,000 to complete the film—this will cover production salaries, editing, score, color correction, sound mix, marketing and distribution.

Anyone donating over $5,000 to the project will receive a “Producer” credit to be immortalized in the film credits and on IMDB. 

Please help us complete our film. We have no doubt there will be recognition for this work when it is finished, and hence, a wonderful freedom.

Sample footage is available upon request.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest Thanks!

Deniz Demirer, Writer/Director

A tax-deductible option is available through Crossroads Initiative, who is our fiscal sponsor. Please make tax-deductible donations directly through their website and make sure to note that the donation is for the SIMON'S AGONY film.